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The rise of content studios

There’s a new chief in town. The Chief Content Officer. As newsrooms and media companies scale back and realign their structures to stay in business, the rise of content studios at agencies and in-house is booming. Marketers and PR leaders are now publishers, video producers and content creators because paid and earned media aren’t enough to win […]

Driving the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

A Conversation with Kaan Gunay, Co-Founder and CEO of Firefly Tell us about Firefly. What is it? What are you offering? In short, Firefly is a smart city media network. We connect people, governments and businesses to help build intelligent, safe and sustainable cities.   To do this, we leverage existing networks of rideshare vehicles [...]

How Can Your Startup Battle Google and Facebook? Take a Page out of’s PR Playbook and Focus on Community

As Facebook and Google, advertising’s reigning duopoly, maintain control of 58 percent of the mobile advertising industry, how are smaller players supposed to stand out against this immense shadow?     The level of competition amongst these smaller companies has intensified over the past ten years as the industry has become inundated with a number [...]

Blockchain in the Physical World

We’re building two brands using blockchain-based technology that are reimagining communication and entertainment. We introduced the world to Blok.Party, the first blockchain-based gaming console, enabling players to combine physical and digital play. The budding company has already generated millions in revenue and has received coverage in over 20+ key media outlets. goTenna, introduced the first bitcoin wallet [...]

Healthcare is the New App

The personalization of healthcare will be the app of the 2020s.  Advances in data science, machine learning and smartphone adoption will bring groundbreaking access, precision, and treatment to billions around the world. This is why we’re thrilled to introduce Mammoth Biosciences, an incredible healthcare company that has the potential to change disease detection via CRISPR. Mammoth [...]

VSC Wins Silver Stevie PR Award for: Turning Machine Learning Tech into Financial Independence for Generation Z; How VSC and SelfScore Designed the Deserve Credit Card

SelfScore was a next-generation fintech company that uses machine learning and alternative data instead of relying on FICO scores to determine credit-worthiness.   We engaged with SelfScore when it was solely offering credit services to international students in the US lacking a social-security number, which is a requisite for most traditional credit cards.   Goals [...]

VSC Wins Gold Stevie PR Award for: VSC and HoneyBook Empower the Creative Economy with Fair Wage Insights and Legal Protections

VSC engaged HoneyBook in July 2017 with the objective of defining a brand voice and generating visibility in the business press, leading to increased customer sign-ups, validation, and recruiting.   While HoneyBook has a community of small business owners and creative entrepreneurs running their billing and invoicing on its platform, the challenge was to generate [...]

Women from the Blockchain

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain more broadly has the potential to upend traditional power structures and empower disenfranchised and otherwise marginalized groups.   Unfortunately, many of the same structural problems that plague traditional finance are already emerging in cryptocurrency, like the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few men.   While [...]

The Future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Q&A With Protocol Ventures’ Rick Marini

The possibilities surrounding cryptocurrency have become an irresistible attraction for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. In an age where it can seem like everything has been done, it’s a fertile field to sow new ideas and innovation. The excitement of planting the seeds for the next generation of technology and growing new investments drew serial entrepreneur Rick [...]

Introducing Nanit

We loved the concept of Nanit as soon as we heard it - the first video baby monitor to use artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to track a baby’s sleep patterns and behavior, to help the whole family sleep better? Yes please. Our launch goal was to establish Nanit as a new parent’s best [...]

Introducing Founder Scaling

We’ve helped over 250 companies scale their message to the world. Now we are helping our founders scale themselves. VSC is announcing a new partnership with Dane Holewinski, a former founder turned executive coach who works with startup CEOs to navigate the intense pressure, complexity, and opportunity of building a rapidly growing company. What our clients [...]

Startup Storytelling with Y-Combinator Partner Kat Mañalac | VSC Freestyle

We invited Kat Mañalac from Y-Combinator to our office to share her thoughts on startup storytelling, media outreach, Silicon Valley culture and more. Kat is a Partner and the Director of Outreach at Y Combinator. Her focus is on finding great entrepreneurs for the Y Combinator program, and has developed programs like YC Hacks and [...]

A PR Crisis is a Rite of Passage. Here’s How to Deal With It.

We’re used to living with natural disasters in the Bay Area - and as PR people here, we see our share of PR disasters. Everywhere you look, companies are scrambling to attend to the latest employee misstep, leaked memo, tone deaf Tweet or corporate policy gone Uber wrong.   Over the last 15 years, we’ve [...]

SHHHHHHH!!!!!! Just don’t call it EdTech.

With $43 billion at stake for educational hardware and software, there’s a technology war going on in the classroom.   Key players like Google, Microsoft and Apple are paving the way for entrants, some of which we represent, to give teachers and students access to innovative classroom tech.   Over the last five years, we’ve [...]

VSC Helps Nearpod Bring Virtual Reality Education Experiences to America’s Schools

Hundreds of startups are vying to reinvent education, competing with tech titans such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft in order to win the $12 billion K-12 U.S. education market.   Nearpod enables K-12 teachers to create, find and distribute lesson plans to students on any digital device. The company launched in 2012, and after [...]

Congratulations to MightyTV on Their Future with Spotify

We had the pleasure of working with Brian, Alison and their talented team on one of the biggest app launches of 2016.   According to a Forbes story on the deal, "The company had received a fair amount of media attention for a project so new."   Read about our work here.   Artificial intelligence [...]

VSC Delivers as Zume Bakes Pizza on the Way

Zume Pizza uses technology to make and deliver pizza from 100% locally sourced ingredients. Co-created by restaurant developer Julia Collins and serial entrepreneur Alex Garden, Zume Pizza is on a quest to make healthier pizza more accessible.   Zume engaged VSC to establish the company as a legitimate competitor and healthier alternative to Big Pizza [...]

The Story of Osmo: Crowdfunding America’s New Play Movement

Osmo is a company we launched in 2014. It's an award-winning game system changing how kids interact with their iPad by opening it up to hands-on play.   We worked with Osmo to position them as the leader of a new play movement, one that bridges the physical and online worlds for the ultimate hands-on [...]

Launching Soothe: How VSC Helped Bring Deep Tissue to Your Doorstep

Soothe, a mobile service that sends massage therapists to your hotel, home or office in as little as one hour, came to VSC to grow in core markets, attract qualified massage therapists, and drive sales.   Through a series of strategic initiatives, we secured more than 50 spotlight stories on, The Ellen Show, Entrepreneur, [...]

Giving the Right Voice to Speech Tech: the Speed Strategy

Speaking is the most natural way to communicate, but until recently there was a major gap between the human voice and technology. With all too many #SiriFails and Amazon Alexa shopping sprees, the process of talking with technology – whether in the home, car or on mobile devices – was broken.   Everyone understood the [...]

Making news, not faking news

These are uncertain times, but we're intent on doing what we always do – help entrepreneurs break out and tell their stories. With that in mind, we've chosen a few principles to guide us. In business as in life, diversity is a competitive advantage. Immigration fuels innovation. Despite our social feeds, it's a historically good time to [...]

Innovation with impact: Two of Our Clients Named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative List

Congratulations are in order for our clients Osmo and SirionLabs, which were selected for Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2017. This annual list is assembled by Fast Company writers and editors, who surveyed thousands of enterprises around the world and identified the companies with the most impact on the broader business world, industry [...]

Venturing Into New Frontiers: Wareness Expands Into Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics and Computer Vision

Just a little over three years ago, we set up the shop. It was then – and remains today – a unique, new breed of marketing consultancy meets seed investment fund, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in hardware and connected devices get the counsel and support they need to go to market.   Over the [...]

VSC Swipes Right for the Biggest Startup App Launch of 2016 for MightyTV

We live in a platinum age of television: never before have there been so many high-quality TV shows to choose from. With abundance, however, comes the paradox of choice, and today’s viewers are more overwhelmed and frustrated than ever. The process of discovery is an especially huge problem for a new generation of cord cutters [...]

15 Years and 800 Steps Down the Street – Two Friends Join Forces Again

I had the pleasure of working with Archie and Julia starting in 2001at Metreon, a futuristic entertainment center located in SF’s developing SOMA district. It was the first showcase destination for emerging tech, hot gadgets, and digital entertainment experiences in a brand new, non-traditional physical retail location.   2001 was a crazy time and San [...]

Best Crash Ever? The Launch of the Lego-Based Drone Flybrix

LEGO®  have come a long way over the last 80+ years, but it wasn’t until this September that they’d take flight in drone form. Enter partner, Flybrix.   Introduced to us by Eric Klein of the hardware accelerator Lemnos Labs, Flybrix was co-founded by a former Nike and Adidas brand marketer and two legit [...]

Meet b8ta: The software-powered retailer changing the game for consumers and makers alike

When a group of Nest alums knocks on your door looking to launch a futuristic retail concept – you open it. Through our sister brand, VSC has worked with a range of retail technology startups, consumer hardware and IoT companies. When we met with b8ta last fall, we knew they were on to something [...]

Flywheel dominates taxi-hailing app competition

VSC was selected to help reinvigorate Flywheel, a three-year old mobile taxi-hailing app platform bringing on-demand technology to the millions of taxis already on the streets of the world. Our goal was to become the definitive taxi-hailing application among competitors such as Taxi Magic, Way2Ride and Arro.   Flywheel Communications Strategy Create a three horse [...]

SteelBrick Acquisition by Salesforce

SteelBrick is a provider of Quote-to-Cash applications to help sales professionals close deals faster. The company partnered with VSC to raise its visibility to drive new customers and maximize awareness heading into venture capital raising periods. While the sales tools sector market size is large at $31B, many of these companies live in the shadow [...]