Healthcare is the New App

The personalization of healthcare will be the app of the 2020s.  Advances in data science, machine learning and smartphone adoption will bring groundbreaking access, precision, and treatment to billions around the world. This is why we’re thrilled to introduce Mammoth Biosciences, an incredible healthcare company that has the potential to change disease detection via CRISPR.

Mammoth is the first company to commercialize this technology and is backed by leading VCs including 8VC, AME Cloud, NFX, and Mayfield.

Socks that Save Legs

The elderly deserve magical technology as much as everyone else. This is why we embraced the opportunity to help healthcare startup Siren.

VSC developed the messaging, positioning, and media relations for the company’s patented Neurofabric™, the first textile with microsensors embedded directly into the fabric, which helps people with diabetes continuously monitor for foot injuries prevalent among that population.

Health tech is going through a brand renaissance as consumers expect everything in their lives to work and feel as beautiful as Apple or Google products, and we were excited to bring this to life through Siren.