Launching Soothe: How VSC Helped Bring Deep Tissue to Your Doorstep

Soothe, a mobile service that sends massage therapists to your hotel, home or office in as little as one hour, came to VSC to grow in core markets, attract qualified massage therapists, and drive sales.


Through a series of strategic initiatives, we secured more than 50 spotlight stories on, The Ellen Show, Entrepreneur, Inc, Men’s Fitness, USA Today, Real Simple and the list goes on.

Our PR goal for Soothe was to position them as the premiere on-demand massage service – one that featured licensed and vetted therapists available in multiple markets both in the US and abroad.  We developed two distinct narratives for them, one tailored for consumer audiences, the other for business.


Starting with the general public, one who may love the idea of a massage at their doorstep but may feel uneasy about inviting strangers into their homes, VSC created a campaign that put Soothe’s rigorous vetting process at the forefront, ensuring consumers that safety was a top priority, both for them and the therapists.

Soothe’s exceptionally fast service was crucial to driving the consumer messaging, and one which resonated with target publications like Real Simple and The Gloss, which drove new user sign-ups and downloads. Our most lucrative hit was Soothe’s appearance on The Ellen Show’s “Mother’s Day” special, where we promoted the benefits of prenatal massage. With the likes of Mila Kunis and Kristen Davis showing their approval, Soothe was effectively cast as the go-to on-demand massage app for around 17M viewers, resulting in the company’s biggest sales week of all time

For business press, VSC took advantage of the “on-demand apocalypse” that was dominating headlines, as increased scrutiny over the countless startups that failed to deliver on the promise of “Uber for X” placed companies like Soothe under the spotlight.


VSC seized this as an opportunity to elevate Soothe, citing their then-recent $35M growth financing and rapid expansion across North America and internationally as proof that investors believed in the business model.  Our narrative positioned Soothe as an outlier among their floundering on-demand contemporaries, not only delivering on the promise of faster massages from their main competitor Zeel, but growing at an unprecedented rate.

Business and trade press were also instrumental in attracting massage therapists to the platform, so our outreach always included details about Soothe’s earning potential, noting that therapists could make 3-4x that of industry standard.


Our narratives converged to tell Soothe’s story as the more in-demand, on-demand massage app, resulting in continued growth in both cities and in the number of therapists employed. Since partnering with VSC, Soothe has enjoyed 11 months of double-digit revenue growth and nearly doubled its markets from 23 to 45 cities and 3 countries, hired more than 1,000 licensed and certified massage therapists and emerged as a company to emulate among the countless “Uber for Xs.”