Wall Street Journal April 11

Andreas Bernström: Sweden’s Growing Tech Scene

aving spent my first 10 years working out of London and managing tech offices across Europe, it’s only now that I have moved to Sweden that I understand some of the reasons why Stockholm is cementing itself as one of the most important tech hubs globally. While it may not yet have produced a Google orFacebook, Stockholm has [...]

Wall Street Journal April 10

Retail Sales Thaw in March, Driven by Discounts

Retailers used discounts to lure bargain-conscious shoppers into stores last month, helping the industry post better-than-feared sales, despite this year’s late Easter, which stands to benefit April sales more than it did March’s. Costco Wholesale Corp., which has a heavy weighting in the Thomson Reuters sales index, benefited in March from the later holiday: It typically closes [...]

la-times April 10

March retail sales struggle to grow amid cool weather, later Easter

Retailers had a middling March, watching their sales improve from a frigid February while struggling to beat their performance from the same month last year. Two main factors impeded growth last month, according to several reports released Thursday. Spring weather has been slow to come, leaving shoppers still shivering in cooler-than-usual temperatures.  

ef6c8fe1234ahuffington_post_logo April 7

You’re Wasting Thousands Of Dollars If You’re Not Using These Apps and Websites Before Buying a Home

As the U.S. housing market continues to falter, consumers need tools to help with house hunting more than ever. At the same time, with App Stores reaching a total of over 100 billion app downloads, the market of services promising to help potential buyers simplify their search is becoming increasingly crowded. Having helped build financial technology tools for [...]

InfoWorld_logo April 3

ElasticBox wants to be Docker for devops

It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago when the hot new technology on the block was virtualization. Now it’s containerization: taking applications or whole application stacks and making them into portable and automatically deployable commodities. Docker has become the biggest name in that space in a startlingly short amount of time, but [...]

Pando Daily April 2

ElasticBox raises $9M Series A to bring “paint by numbers” simplicity to cloud development

The cloud is kind of a big deal. People know its name. Guys want to be the cloud, girls want to be with the cloud – or something like that. But with software development rapidly shifting to virtual infrastructure, there’s a need for tools to develop and manage the millions of new applications created within [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch April 1

Fitmob Wants To Bring Impromptu Workouts To The Office

Fitmob, the recently launched startup that wants to help people find and try local workouts in their cities, is working on bringing fitness to an unlikely place — the office. fitOffice basically gets together a group of 10 to 15 employees to work out together at the office or in a nearby park with one of fitmob’s trainers. Fitmob is [...]

Business Insider March 25

13% Of Americans Would Choose Bitcoin Over Gold

Although almost half (48%) of American adults now know what Bitcoin is, just 13% say they would choose to invest in it over gold, according to a new Harris Interactive poll on behalf of Yodlee, a financial software firm. The poll was conducted in December 2013 among 2,039 adults ages 18 and older. Support for the digital currency was strongest [...]

Wall Street Journal March 18

Find a Messaging App That’s Right For You and Your Crew

Digital messaging used to be so simple. Once the modem’s screeches, clucks and beeps ended and I was connected to AOL’s servers, all my friends would be there, ready to chat. When cellphones untethered us from our computers, texting was all we needed. Sure, it turned our thumbs into gymnasts, but it was manageable.

vsc_news_tech_crunch March 18

Poshmark Partners with USPS to Create Custom Shipping Label

Poshmark, the mobile marketplace that lets women swap and sell items out of their own closets, is announcing a big partnership with the United States Postal Service. This marks one of the first times the USPS has worked with a mobile commerce startup to create a custom shipping label.

vsc_news_tech_crunch March 14

Predicting The Next IPO Wave: The Era Of The Enterprise

ver the last three years, we’ve seen an increasing number of tech IPOs – many from consumer-facing companies that we’ve long known were headed for an IPO. I’m talking about Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Yelp, Groupon, Zynga, etc., which most casual observers could see from a mile away. Markets tend to be swayed by sexy consumer offerings; however, we should be paying [...]

Forbes March 14

Who Needs Kickstarter? Exercise Sensor Moov Raises $1 Million In 15 Days

When Meng Li and Nikola Hu stopped by the FORBES office to demonstrate their wearable sensors last month, Hu spent much of the interview punching the air and running in place. A laptop placed on the table graphed the speed and form of his punches, benchmarking his performance against that of a professional trainer who [...]

MediaPost March 14

Mobile Ad Network Vungle Taps Bitcoin As Payment Option

he controversy surrounding crypto-currency Bitcoin reached new heights recently with the spectacular bankruptcy of leading Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox. The event raised fresh questions about the viability of the volatile currency and its susceptibility to fraud and theft because of a lack of security and transparency. None of that has stopped start-up Vungle from adding Bitcoin [...]

The_Next_Web March 11

Technical recruiting is broken: Here are 4 ways to hire better

The hiring process for technical talent is broken. Across the board, the number one problem for any company is hiring programmers. Whether it’s a series A-funded startup or a large multinational corporation, hiring technical talent takes up a lot of time, energy, and money – and doesn’t always result in the best hires. Even if you [...]

la-times March 6

Weather blamed for disappointing retail sales

Weather in February was once again a roadblock for retailers, who said sales figures for the month missed already modest expectations. One gauge from Thomson Reuters found that same-store sales rose 1.8% last month, falling short of a projected 2.8% rise at stores open a year or longer. Without the effect of drugstores, retailers turned in a 0.3% sales [...]

vsc_news_fast_company February 27

Moov: A Fitness Tracker And Personal Trainer In One

Now that we’re a couple of years into the fitness tracking craze, it’s starting to feel like simply counting steps or strokes or REM cycles isn’t enough. Now that we have all that data in the palm of our hand, what exactly do we do with it? That’s where Moov comes in. Moov is a new [...]

usa_today_01_logo_detail February 27

Tech Now: On the Moov with new fitness device

Contributor Jennifer Jolly takes a close-up look at the upcoming Moov fitness device. It not only tracks your progress but offers real-time coaching for a variety of activities.

vsc_news_tech_crunch February 27

Ex-Apple Engineer Launches Moov, The Next Generation Of Wearable Fitness Tracking

Welcome to the next generation of wearable fitness tracking! The first round of fitness trackers focused on introducing the idea of data to your daily activity and workout, but a new company called Moov wants to go beyond basic “step” data to tell you how to improve your form and get the most out of your workout.

wired-lgoo February 25

Inside the High-Stakes Battle to Control How You Talk to Friends

Before the scrum over who will control mobile messaging turned hot last week, with Facebook’s $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp, things got very, very cold. In December, an ice storm was blowing into the Canadian city of Waterloo, and even by Ontario standards it was epic. On the radio, the local newscasters were talking about flight [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch February 20

Beckon Wants To Help Marketers Make Sense Of Data And Track Spend On-The-Fly

There is for sales professionals, numerous off-the-shelf packages for finance and HR professionals and thousands of apps for several other enterprise utilities. But marketeers still don’t have a single dashboard to monitor their spend and its impact across different campaigns and functions. And while there are several marketing tools and dashboards that offer custom [...]

la-times February 13

Money worries killing our sex drive? Survey measures our obsessions

Money worries are killing romance right when we need it, on Valentine’s Day. The holiday means pricey dinners and sparkly gifts, an outlay of cash — and added financial stress — for many Americans. For those wanting to add some romantic sizzle, money worries are a cold shower. A recent survey shows money-related stress may be snuffing [...]

download February 12

Apps to Rev-Up Your Love Life

You won’t believe what some apps can do for your love life. Check out the best apps to help you say “I Love You” to that special someone just in time for Valentine’s Day.

CBS5Logo February 12

FitMob Workout Craze Sweeps Bay Area

A new workout craze is turning flashmobs into fit-mobs.

cnbc-logo11 February 10

Disrupting fitness through your iPhone

What we realize is our nation, our world, has this huge inactivity and obesity problem. two-thirds of people are not fit. biggest solution out there is fitness gyms. $75 billion is spent every yearglobally on fitness gyms. and over 60% of people don’t even use it. they continue to pay money. so what i found is thatpeople — that fitness is not about equipment.

Advertising Age February 7

Google, AOL And Others Invest $17 Million In Mobile Ad-Tech Company Vungle

Mobile advertising is booming, with a $5 billion dollar increase in spend expected this year, after a similar jump last. And as the spending increases, the mobile ad-tech ecosystem is growing along with it, flush with entrepreneurs trying to turn a profit while helping the growing market reach its potential. Seeing that opportunity, Google, AOL ventures, and others are investing $17 [...]

Pando Daily February 6

Stockholm’s Truecaller raises $18M, brings its smart caller ID and reverse lookup service stateside

Most of us loathe receiving a call from an unknown number. Do you answer it? Is it important? An old friend? A telemarketer? How about that area code? It looks familiar, but where’s it from? The uncertainty and anxiety of this situation seems like it should have been left behind a decade ago. So why [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch February 6

HackerRank Launches CodePair To Improve Technical Interviews

HackerRank is a social platform for fun coding challenges that launched at TechCrunch SF Disrupt in 2012. It grew out of Interviewstreet, a technical recruiting platform that’s being used by companies like Evernote and Amazon to screen potential hires. Today, the company is combining these two brands under the HackerRank label. HackerRank will continue to operate as usual and [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch February 5

Smart Calendar App Tempo Adds “Insights” Tab To Provide More Social Data About Your Meetings

Tempo is launching a new version of its smart calendar app today with a feature called Insights, which provides a lot more information about the people you’re scheduled to meet. The app, which first launched a year agoand emerged from research institute SRI (which also incubated voice-powered assistant Siri), already displayed basic information about the people connected to [...]

Business Insider February 5

This Is How Messaging App Kik Plans To Crush The Competition

Kik, a Canadian free messaging app fighting for dominance in a space crowded by enormous competitors like Asia’s WhatsApp or WeChat, just released a new feature that it says will help it crush the competition. ”Kik is now the first smartphone messenger with a built-in browser,” Kik CEO Ted Livingston tells Business Insider. What does that mean? [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch February 4

Firefox 27 Launches With Improved Social API, SPDY 3.1 Support

Mozilla today launched Firefox 27. The new version of the browser features a major update to the Firefox Social API, which now includes support for the old-school Web 2.0 social bookmarking tool Delicious and the Indian music service Saavn. More importantly, though, the Social API now allows users to run more than one service at a time. Firefox’s Social API is [...]

2EB04F89E0646641B0D0A0C64EE863DB_20100410063451_320_240 February 3

Poshmark Puts Your Closet Up For Sale

Most of us have items in our closets that we barely wear. There’s a new way to cash in. It’s an app that opens your closet to anyone. Rebecca Jarvis is here with this. You want to think of this app as a cross between Ebay and Pinterest. What do fashion mogul Rachel Zoe and Hollywood [...]

vsc_news_fox_business January 29

Deep freeze grips South

Euclid Analytics founder Will Smith on how the cold weather is affecting shoppers.

Sf-Chronicle January 23

Fitmob app hopes to link exercisers, trainers

The sharing economy is expanding to fight the nation’s expanding waistlines. The new app Fitmob, which launches publicly Thursday, helps people who want to exercise find personal trainers without committing to costly gym memberships. Co-founder Raj Kapoor modeled the San Francisco startup after Lyft, the app-based car service partly responsible for turning the taxi industry on its head.

vsc_news_tech_crunch January 23

Backed With $9.8M From Mayfield, Fitmob Wants To Reinvent Local, Group Fitness

The gym is being disrupted from all angles, from workout gear, the quantified self to even how we workout at home. Fitmob is launching today with a new way to create workout, and redefine what the gym is in the digital age. Founded by Snapfish CEO and Mayfield VC Raj Kapoor and Ness Computing co-founder and former Palantir Engineer Paul Twohey, fitmob [...]

Forbes January 22

America’s Most Promising Companies

theguardian January 12

How tracking customers in-store will soon be the norm

At the Fairson’s department store, managers can measure the number of people who walk past the store, the number who come through the front door – and this information includes whether or not they went in immediately or were convinced by the shopfront. Once shoppers are inside the store, managers can find out how many of them [...]

Quartz-Logo January 5

The three slowest days of the US holiday shopping season

The worst shopping day of the holiday season for retailers in malls and on Main Street occurred on one of the busiest shopping days online: Cyber Monday. Dec. 2 ”suffered from the lull following Black Friday,” and shoppers waiting for new deals to show up closer to Christmas, according to a new report by Euclid, which tracks shopping patterns by sensors [...]

mobile_commerce_daily_logo_1 January 3

Will mobile-first auction apps curb eBay’s prowess?

While Poshmark and other mobile-first auction applications offer certain advantages over eBay such as user experiences that are highly optimized for mobile, their lack of scale is minimizing their impact — for now.  

Advertising Age January 3

Holiday Sales Look Strong So Far — But At What Cost?

On the heels of the brisk last-minute shopping frenzy right before Christmas, shoppers were once again out in full force during the post-holiday sales rush, clearing retailer inventories by stocking up on items such as appliances, apparel and electronics. In all, sales during the shortened holiday season appeared to have been decent, according to retail experts [...]

la-times January 2

10 Tech gadgets we want to see in 2014

The year has barely started, but it’s never too early to make a wish list for the kinds of gadgets that we want to see in 2014. Tech companies gave their users a lot to look forward to in 2014, from wearable devices to new smartphone technologies. So here is our list of the top 10 [...]

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