GigaOM July 17

No Signal? goTenna has a messaging gadget that will work in the middle of nowhere

For all of our dependency on mobile phones, there are still quite a few places in this world you can’t get a wireless signal, from mountaintops to national parks to rural highways and even the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  

bloomberglogo July 17

How Superstorm Sandy Gave Rise to Wireless Startup

Daniela Perdomo credits the absence of basic communication services after superstorm Sandy for inspiring GoTenna Inc., a do-it-yourself wireless network that can carry text messages to Androids and Apple iPhones.

New York Times July 16

Lightly Worn, Heavily Shared

After Brenda Edmondson lost 50 pounds over the course of a year, she wanted to buy a new wardrobe. But first, she needed to get rid of her old clothes. “I decided I needed to purge my closet,” said Ms. Edmondson, 47, who lives in Brentwood, Tenn. So she turned to Poshmark, a mobile app for [...]

GigaOM July 14

My daughter and I agree: Osmo’s iPad kids games are great

I was pretty excited when I first saw Osmo, the iPad accessory that extends playing to the real world, going as far as to call it “the iPad’s next killer app.” But getting a demo of a of a product is one thing. This week, I finally got to put Osmo to a real test — by handing [...]

Forbes July 10

‘Osmo’ Turns Tables Into Interactive Classrooms

Having seen the pristine adverts for the Osmo iPad peripheral promise augmented reality perfection I was a little suspicious how well this would actually work in the home. Trying it out with my family I struggled to find fault with it though. Unlike our experience with other camera based interactions (whether on the 3DS, Vita or Xbox Kinect) [...]

Todayoldd July 9

Make a rainy day fun! 8 toys to keep your kids happy and busy

Meredith Sinclair, a contributor for, which spotlights toys and reveals where you can buy them, joins TODAY with some fun game and craft ideas for kids.

vsc_news_tech_crunch July 2

Fitmob Launches MobTribes, Gets Into The Personal Training Market

Some people are paying up to $120 per session to get yelled at twice a week. Those people have personal trainers. Fitmob, the company known for funny group fitness workouts like “Weapons of Ass Reduction” and “Drop it Like a Squat,” is now getting into the game with the launch of a new personal training program called MobTribes. Its goal is to [...]

Yahoo_Logo July 1

Yahoo Tech’s Absolute Favorite Tech Stuff of 2014 (So Far)

We are officially halfway through 2014. What gadgets, websites, apps, and assorted other releases have brought the Yahoo Tech staff the most joy in the first six months of this year?  

Racked-Logo July 1

Women Are Going Nuts for This Smart Cocktail Ring: $100,000 in Sales in 24 Hours

Just three weeks since the launch of the smart ring and Ringly has already sold out of its emerald stone style. Not only that but the startup also well exceeded its pre-sales goal of $60,000 (the campaign reached over $100,000 in sales in under 24 hours)—making history as the most successful pre-sales campaign for women’s connected jewelry ever.

Todayoldd June 30

Where’s the remote? 5 best tracking devices to find lost items

If you’re someone who is routinely misplacing or losing things like the TV remote, your keys, wallet, or smartphone, I’ve got good news: there’s technology that can help!

Bloomberg Business Week June 26

How AT&T Could Keep Crooks From Using Your Credit Card

Banks and card networks like Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. are working with wireless carriers to cut down on fraudulent transactions by tying purchases to the location of a shopper’s smartphone. In the next few months, AT&T Inc. will test a service that verifies transactions by using a phone’s whereabouts — as long as it has [...]

The_Next_Web June 25

Victorious lets YouTube stars create their own apps for free to manage their business and fans

YouTube has established itself as the world’s top video site, and it has produced a lot of content creators who build on their fame and eventually become digital celebrities. Now a mobile app platform called Victorious aims to help these creators manage their businesses by powering individual creator apps.

la-times June 25

Start-up Victorious aims to help YouTube stars develop fan communities

Victorious, a mobile platform designed to better connect YouTube stars with their fans, has officially launched. The Santa Monica start-up puts video creators in control of their brands by giving each his or her own unique app. The apps will be available for users to download free in the fall.  

self_logo June 20

San Francisco’s Fitmob Offers an Alternative to the Gym Grind

If you’ve been falling out of love with your gym membership, we’ve found a company with a solution for you. Now there’s a way to gain access to reputable trainers and group classes—and did we mention it’s also easy on the bank account and doesn’t require you to sign away your first-born child? Oh yes, [...]

Wall Street Journal June 17

Finding the Best Lost-Item Trackers: Tile, TrackR and Duet Reviewed

A quantitative analysis of my life would probably reveal that I spend three whole days a year searching for lost belongings. If I’m not looking for my keys, it’s my work ID, wallet or glasses. Where tricks for the absent-minded fail me, technology is ensuring I never lose anything again. Or at least that’s a promise [...]

CNN June 13

World Cup survival glass tells you when to stop drinking

Imagine you are welded to the sofa at home about to watch a third match in a row. You have been drinking throughout the day, but reach for another can of cold beer and fill your glass. But the vessel you are drinking from says that your alcohol intake has exceeded safe levels and urges you [...]

readwrite-logo June 13

It Exists! Ringly, An Attractive Wearable Women Actually Want

There’s something stupid about the smart jewelry category. But at least one manufacturer is trying to up its game. Despite evidence indicating that women are the predominant adopters of major technologies, or that we outnumber men as prospective buyers of wearable gadgets, this device category—which inherently targets us—tends to be rather lame.

vsc_news_fast_company June 12

Vessyl Is A Cup That Knows What You’re Drinking

We have piles of fitness and health trackers in our lives. Fitbits. Nike+ Fuelbands. Jawbone Ups. They’re all pretty good at measuring the calories we’ve burned and the hours we’ve slept, but they miss a huge chunk of the health equation: what we’ve consumed.  

cnet_logo June 12

Vessyl smart cup can tell Coke from Pepsi

The phrase smart cup may sound like yet another jargon-laden marketing ploy for a device that connects to your smartphone, but doesn’t do anything groundbreaking. The creators of Vessyl, a new product from San Francisco-based startup Mark One announced Thursday, want to change this perception around smart objects with a surprisingly novel piece of tech. [...]

Forbes June 12

HackerRank Solves Tech Hiring Crisis By Finding Programmers Where They Live

It is no secret that Silicon Valley has a virtually inexhaustible demand for programming talent. It is also no secret that the most important tech companies in the Bay Area recruit primarily from a very small group of prestigious U.S. universities, namely Stanford, MIT, Berkeley and CalTech.

recode_large_verge_medium_landscape June 12

Chrono Raises $32 Million for Wearables That May Help Smokers Quit

Chrono Therapeutics, which is developing wearable devices that promise to help people stop smoking, has closed a $32 million funding round led by Canaan Partners and 5AM Ventures. The Hayward, Calif., company’s SmartStop product resembles a watch and works like a nicotine patch, delivering the addictive stimulant in tobacco through the skin.

britco_logo-1200x223 June 12

You’ll Never Believe What This Beautiful Ring Can Do

The old saying goes, “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.” While we tend to agree blindly with the adage, when we’re talking tech-sessories for women, our fingers might actually prefer to go naked. Today, that’s finally about to change. Ringly, the up ‘n’ coming company we’ve been keeping an eye on [...]

recode_large_verge_medium_landscape June 12

First Look: New Yves Behar-Designed “Smart” Cup Knows Exactly What You’re Drinking

Health and fitness monitors are great and all, but one of the pain points for wearers is that most existing products still require you to manually log what you’re eating and drinking throughout the day. That’s where a San Francisco-based company called Mark One wants to shake things up. For the past seven years, Mark One, [...]

Wall Street Journal June 12

Vessyl Cup Knows What You Drink

Fascination with health and fitness shows no signs of fading. But monitoring what one ingests for nutrients and calories is tedious and imprecise. Enter Vessyl. “It’s a cup that automatically knows what’s inside,” says Justin Lee, the San Francisco entrepreneur who has been quietly working on the technology for seven years.

the-boston-globe June 12

Mobile game for teen girls targets eating disorders

High School Story, a free game app aimed at teen girls, launched a new version of its game on Thursday addressing eating disorders and body image issues. The story line, written with input from the National Eating Disorders Association, exposes the game’s 10 million players to plot lines that deal with common scenarios teens encounter [...]

Business Insider June 10

This Stylish Wearable Tech Solves An Annoying Problem For Women

The latest in wearable tech doesn’t look much like tech at all. Ringly is an 18k-gold plated ring that connects with a smartphone to discreetly notify the wearer when she gets a call or text. The idea is to incorporate tech into women’s everyday accessories so that they can enjoy the moment without missing something important — even when they’re [...]

wired-lgoo June 10

FOLLOW WIRED Twitter Facebook RSS This Jewelry Lights Up and Buzzes When Your Phone Needs You

We’ve all done it: You’re at a restaurant, enjoying a nice moment with a friend when all of a sudden you hear your phone buzz. You want to stop the conversation, reach for your phone and check the notification. You really really do. But that would be rude…right? We’re in a constant battle with our technology; [...]

Wall Street Journal June 10

Pardon Me, Ma’am, Your ‘Smart’ Ring Is Ringing

June brides will have far less room on their fingers for sparkly diamonds if the tech sector gets its way. Today the maker of Ringly—a buzzing, bejeweled ring that alerts women who want to keep their phones in their purses to emails or text messages—announced its product is available for pre-order for $145. The rings will [...]

usa_today_01_logo_detail May 25

‘Super Vision’ and Osmo offer groundbreaking tech for kids

With the following two products, tech for kids just got cooler. PBS KIDS has a new app that gives parents “Super Vision” into their kids’ digital lives. The upcoming release of Osmo, an add-on device for the iPad, enables kids to bring real toys into the digital world for new interactive play experiences.

Bloomberg Business Week May 22

Card Control Security App Goes Beyond Transaction Monitoring

A security app for credit and debit cards goes beyond monitoring transactions to let users cancel or reactivate cards and set limits on their use.

Wall Street Journal May 22

Osmo Digital Toy Aims to Bring iPad-Addicted Kids Back to Real Life

You’ve seen it at restaurants, on public transit, maybe even in your own home: a child mesmerized by a game on an iPad, tuning out nearby adults. Osmo, a combination of iPad accessories and software, is meant to break the zombie-like stares and bring more of the real world back into the mix, by providing games [...]

The_Next_Web May 21

Beyond analytics: Understanding humans while scaling your business

When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, there were eight million WhatsApp users for every employee. Eight million. Traditionally in business, when you scale up your company, you grow your number of employees along with your number of customers. If Target opens up a new store, it will hire more people to interact with new customers, listening to their needs and desires.  

Forbes May 21

Golgi Raises $5M To Kill Mobile’s Spinning Wheels

For mobile apps, the “spinning wheel” can be fatal. It’s not only a nagging issue for small developers but also mega firms like Facebook (FB) and LinkedIn LNKD -0.74%(LNKD). According to a recent study, more than 80% of users expect that apps should load within…three seconds or less. Oh, and if there are two failed attempts to launch an app, a user will [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch May 19

HackerRank Wants To Build A One-Stop Shop For Technical Phone Interviews

When it comes to hiring engineers, many companies now use a real-time web platform like TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield and Y Combinator alum HackerRank to see how candidates write their code. That way, interviewers see not only the code candidates write, but also get an insight into the thought process behind it — and how they handle mistakes. HackerRank relaunched earlier this [...]

recode_large_verge_medium_landscape May 14

Rebtel Spins Off Its Sinch In-App Messaging Unit With $12 Million in New Funding

Rebtel, one of the many competitors in the crowded free mobile calling space, is spinning out a unit that focuses on allowing such communication tools to easily be added to other apps. The new venture, Sinch, hopes to make the case to Android and iOS developers that adding telephony and other messaging options can be, well, [...]

Pando Daily May 7

or the smartwatch to reach popular adoption, it actually needs to work first

Free advice for anyone with a new product: Make one that actually works. Fixya, a question-and-answer site for people struggling with their technology, today published a Smartwatch Report based on over 6,000 complaints and problems lodged on its site to date about the new technology. The grumblings picked up by Fixya only further the narrative of smartwatches as [...]

polygon-logo May 7

A game that makes teens feel less alone, preventing suicides

Tweens and teens are highly impressionable; their worlds and views are shaped by their media consumption. So when independent developer Pixelberry Studios set out to make a game for the teenage audience, it was mindful of the messages it was sending and the ideas it was propagating. High School Story — a role-playing game where players take on the [...]

Todayoldd May 5

Fight fraud with remote control for credit cards

Your credit and debit cards are always on, so they are always vulnerable to a criminal attack. If one of those cards is stolen or hacked, it can be used to buy things or drain your bank account — even if the card is safely in your wallet. Last year’s Target breach reminded us of the threat.

vsc_news_fast_company May 1

Makespace, Cloud Storage for Your Physical Stuff, Raises $8 Million in Series A Funding

In 2012, Sam Rosen felt aimless. The reformed CitiBanker’s last startup was going nowhere fast, and he was shuffling his feet without a project. Then Hurricane Sandy hit. ”My then-girlfriend got her entire place destroyed in a flood,” says Rosen. After sorting through what remained of her stuff, they had to pack up and move what her belongings [...]

CrowdedMediaGroup_Crowdfund_Insider_Logo May 1

Highway1 Incubator is Open for Applications

Highway1, the San Francisco based incubator for hardware startups, has revealed their Fall 2014 program is now open for applications, which will be accepted until June 20, 2014. Highway1 companies will receive $50,000 in seed money, an increase from $20,000, reflecting enthusiasm in the market for hardware startups and products, and the growth of the program. The goal is to [...]

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