Blueprint December 17

ShopLocket Talks With Alexandr Opalka, CTO and Co-Founder of MotionSavvy, The First Sign Language To Voice System

MotionSavvy are the makers of UNI, a revolutionary two-way communication tool for the deaf and hearing. The team at MotionSavvy is from the Rochester Institute of Technology and National Technical Institute for the Deaf and in November launched their Indiegogo campaign to help bring their product to market. We sat down with Co-Founder and CTO Alexandr Opalka to discuss [...]

Todayoldd December 10

Techie, foodie or sports lover: Get gifts men will actually want

As the holiday season rolls around, commercials all seem to feature gifts of jewelry and toys, but where does that leave the men in your life? Luckily, we’ve hunted down the most coveted gifts for men this year — presents they’ll actually want to use! Whether the man in your life’s a techie, foodie, grill [...]

Blueprint December 10

Shoplocket Talks With Vijay Chattha Founder At is a hardware marketing studio and seed investment fund that has launched companies like Tile, Ringly, gotenna, and Coin, all of which have become some of the most successful hardware pre-sales campaigns of all time. companies project to do over $60M in direct-to-consumer revenue by the end of 2014. We sat down with founder Vijay Chattha to [...]

usa_today_01_logo_detail December 6

Best gadget gifts for kids

I have a confession. I’m a little bit addicted to this year’s top tech toys for kids. And by a “little bit,” I really mean: “completely and totally and it might be time for an intervention.” This year, the best of the bunch lands smack-dab in the center of the modern toy-trifecta, blending the best [...]

Forbes December 4

Gadgets We Love: GoTenna

As many of my friends gathered last month for our alma mater’s last football game of the season, I lugged four walkie talkies and their charging ports in my bag. They were years old, and despite charging overnight, three of the four proved unusable when we got to the tailgate. The one that worked picked [...]

wired-lgoo December 2

The Next Big Thing You Missed: New Apps Instantly Convert Spreadsheets Into Something Actually Readable

Dave Story is building a mobile app that can instantly transform an Excel spreadsheet into something you can actually read. It’s called Project Elastic, and he unveiled the thing this fall at a conference run by his company, Tableau. The Seattle-based company has been massively successful selling software that helps big businesses “visualize” the massive amount of [...]

wired-lgoo November 20

Taxi-Hailing App Flywheel Expands to Help Cabbies Fight Big Bad Uber

Rakesh Mathur is the newly appointed CEO of a startup that markets itself as Uber without the assholes. And that means he’s having a very good week. After the website Buzzfeed published a story saying an Uber executive had discussed the idea of investigating journalists who were critical of his ride-sharing company, Uber looks more asshole-ish [...]

vsc_news_inc November 20

Flywheel, the Anti-Uber for Taxi Hailing, Raises $12 Million for Expansion

The way we talk about taxis is a little like the way the two old women in that famous Woody Allen joke talk about the food at a bad restaurant: We complain about them when we can’t get one, and the second we flag one down we start complaining about how terrible it is. Being able to summon [...]

Time-Logo November 20

The 25 Best Inventions of 2014

Hoverboards, intelligent space craft, edible food wrappers, and much much more. Welcome to TIME’s annual round-up of the best inventions making the world better, smarter and—in some cases—a little more fun.  

Forbes November 20

Mu Sigma Moves Beyond Analyzing Big Data To Grasping Enterprise Complexity

Mu Sigma, a leading big data analytics company whose customers include Microsoft, Dell, Pfizer and Wal-Mart, has launched muUniverse, a decision guidance tool that it says serves as a Google Maps to help leaders choose the right path. Problems can be connected across the full breadth of an organization or, as with supply chain issues, outside [...]

Wall-Street-Journal-logo November 20

Devices to Track Every Move You Make

GEORGE ORWELL WOULD HAVE enjoyed the irony. In an unexpected twist on his dystopian society, technology has become more intrusive than ever, with companies devising products to track everything from the steps we take to how focused our brains are. But far from it being enforced, we’ve not only accepted this monitoring as part of [...]

Wall Street Journal November 13

Unshackled, a New Angel Fund, Forms to Back Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Some of the U.S.’s most successful tech companies, including Intel Corp. and Google Inc.GOOGL have been built by immigrants, and many people who come to the U.S. aspire to work in or start tech companies. Without work visas, though, they don’t get far. A new San Francisco-based angel fund,Unshackled, which claims more than 50 individuals and funds as investors, has raised a [...]

Pando Daily November 13

Kahuna launches RevIQ, adds AI to help brands communicate smarter using mobile

Not all brand communication is created equal. Consumers react differently depending on the channel (email, mobile push, Web, etc.), the time of day, and the content of the message. What works for one channel or one consumer, leading to the desired purchasing or engagement behavior, can have the exact opposite effect through a different channel [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch November 7

Drawbridge Now Supports Connected TVs With Its Cross-Device Ad Targeting

Ad tech startup Drawbridge has been talking about its vision for targeting users across devices for a couple of years, but now it’s adding another device to the mix — Internet-connected TVs. This follows Drawbridge’s earlier announcement that it supports video ads. Co-founder and CEO Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan told me that while connected TVs are a “niche” platform for now and will [...]

vsc_news_fast_company November 6

An App Trying To Save Your Office From Dying Of Boredom

Analyzing enterprise data may never be as enjoyable as scrolling through an Instagram feed. But Chartcube, a new app launching today, is at least trying to make business data as easy to use. The free app is the effort of former Evernote, eBay, Prezi, and McKinsey employees who are attempting to get rid of the unnecessary steps [...]

vsc_news_huffington_post November 4

7 Ways Video Games Will Help Your Kids in School

The first video games were not designed with education in mind. Pong, Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter didn’t help anyone learn algebra, practice vocabulary, or memorize details of Ancient Roman history, but they were fun. Because of their entertaining nature, video games developed a bad rap over the years for “rotting kids’ [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch November 4

BitPay Launches Bitcoin Checkout App For One Tap Payments

In the latest move to bring bitcoin payments to the masses, BitPay is launching a new point-of-sale app, Bitcoin Checkout, for in-store payments. With the launch of the mobile checkout app at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, a bitcoin payment solution is now available in 40 languages and includes multi-employee checkout, tipping, and tip reporting. The checkout app is available for [...]

ADWEEK November 2

12 Stars of Ad Tech Who Are Building the Future of the Industry Right Now

In the world of advertising technology, everything is new. Whereas just a year ago Facebook might have been considered a secondary player in automated advertising, mobile and data, today it is reshaping the business. Programmatic is no longer merely a niche buying tool. In fact, the IAB estimates that 20 percent of all digital ads [...]

vsc_news_forbes October 16

‘Osmo’ Launches Play Revolution With $12 Million Funding And Apple Retail

Today Osmo, the physical iPad add-on with educational games, announced Apple as a retail partner with the product now available for purchase. This, along with critical acclaim and $12 million in funding, set the scene for Osmo to go mass market.

Bloomberg Business Week October 16

Canaan Partners Raises $675 Million for 10th Fund

Canaan Partners, which has backed start-ups such as mobile-game producer Kabam Inc., raised $675 million in a 10th fund, bringing the total capital under management to $4.2 billion. The venture capital firm, based in Menlo Park, California, raised the fund in less than a month, a record time frame, Dan Ciporin, general partner, said in [...]

Forbes October 15

The Grid Website Platform Automatically Adapts Design To Make Your Content Shine

Where the simulation of the human may be more critical is in the content selection itself. If the software can automatically tune the form to the content, then it is the choice of content itself that becomes the unique generator of the design. The Grid has some automation features in this area as well. The [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch October 8

The Grid Uses Artificial Intelligence To Design Your Websites For You

Designing a good-looking website has never been easy, and while many services promise to let you build a site without ever having to touch any code, you quickly reach their limits if you want to have a more advanced site. The Grid, which is launching its crowdfunding campaign today, promises to do away with all [...]

cnet_logo October 8

The Grid hopes polished publishing will rekindle website creation

It’s time to reclaim your corner of the Internet. So believe those behind The Grid, a startup that launched Wednesday with a service designed to generate slick and easily updated sites out of the text and photos customers upload.

New York Times October 8

Truecaller, a Swedish Caller ID Start-Up, Raises $60 Million

Tired of phone calls from numbers you do not recognize? Now there’s a smartphone app for that — and money behind it. Truecaller, a start-up based in Stockholm, allows anyone to identify incoming calls and search for people’s phone numbers anywhere in the world through an online database.

recode_large_verge_medium_landscape October 8

Sweden’s Truecaller Gets $60 Million From Atomico, Kleiner Perkins

While a better version of Caller ID may not sound like a huge idea, some notable investors are betting that Sweden’s Truecaller is on to something big. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Atomico are leading a fresh $60 million round for Truecaller, with Kleiner’s John Doerr, Atomico’s Mattias Ljungman and investor Jerry Murdock all [...]

New York Times October 3

Yodlee, a Hub for Financial Apps, Raises $75 Million in I.P.O.

Yodlee, a company that serves as a hub for consumer financial apps, raised $75 million in its initial public offering on Thursday. Underwriters for the 15-year-old company priced the offering at $12 a share, at the midpoint of the expected price range of $11 to $13 a share. That values the company at about $340 [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch October 2

Locqus Launches To Equip Plumbers And Handymen With Technology

So you run a little plumbing company. You have a couple of plumbers. They’re good guys. You get a call for a job, and assign it to Jim who has car trouble but doesn’t phone back to the office to let you know. Now the customer is upset and her cat is still stuck in [...]

VentureBeat October 2

Olio’s wearables might not be as fugly as the rest

It’s quite shocking that, until Apple finally unveiled its Watch, the smartwatches we’d seen were all so … shall I say, fugly.The problem with smartwatches so far is that they’re analogous to gym shoes. They have rubber and some sporty design, and are relevant to only about five percent of our day, just like the [...]

GigaOM October 2

Heads up display startup Navdy nabs $6.5 million in seed funding to bring its GPS system to cars

Navdy, a San Francisco startup planning to ship a dashboard heads up display in early 2015, is set to announce today a $6.5 million seed funding round that will be used to hire staff and prepare for manufacturing. Navdy actually secured the money before launching its pre-order campaign in August — a move that would [...]

wired-lgoo October 1

The Gadgets and Gear We Couldn’t Get Enough of in September

One of the best parts of our jobs here at WIRED is that we get to test all the new things as soon as they come out. But we often only get a few days to play with something before having to write about it. That can be difficult—getting a clear assessment of an object’s [...]

cnet_logo September 29

Fashionistas who need to unload clothes? There’s an app for that

In order to supplement her compulsive shopping, and keep her closet space in check, Kathleen Ensign used to sell her used clothes by lugging black garbage bags to a consignment store once a month. Ensign said she’s never thought she’d ever use a smartphone to shop for clothes, let alone sell them. She was even [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch September 29

Kahuna Plans To Avoid “Wrist Fatigue” With New Algorithm For Smartwatch App Notifications

It sounds like the upcoming Apple Watch and other wearable gadgets are going to create a whole new avenue for apps to communicate with you — and that could get pretty annoying. At least, that’s the assumption at Kahuna, a Sequoia Capital-backed startup that helps mobile marketers test and automate their push notifications.

recode_large_verge_medium_landscape September 23

Made in the USA: Gumi Brings Some New Game Development Stateside

Asia accounts for more than half of the $21 billion mobile gaming market, which explains why Western companies ranging from EA to King to Kabam are trying to reach its players. But gaming companies in Asia are also looking to travel in the opposite direction, to reach high-spending gamers in North America and Europe. To [...]

GigaOM September 18

Osmo clocks more than $2M in pre-sales for its iPad games, adds customization options

Looks like I’m not the only one who really likes Osmo, the iPad-based game platform that combines iOS with the real world by letting kids manipulate objects in front of the iPad’s camera. Osmo has gotten more than $2 million in pre-sales since it first launched its crowd-funding campaign in May, and the company has [...]

Wall Street Journal September 15

Can’t Find Your Keys? Just Look at Your Phone

It is the kind of question that pops up with alarming frequency: Where are my keys? Where are my glasses? Where is the cat? A growing number of companies large and small are racing to provide answers via wireless tags that can be attached to household objects (or pet collars) and located with the aid of [...]

Business Insider September 15

Meet The 32 Most Powerful Women In Mobile Advertising, 2014

Men tend to dominate the mobile advertising world. Last year, only one woman made our list of the most powerful people in mobile advertising. So we asked readers and companies to nominate who they thought are the most influential women in the business. We also asked that they nominate at least one other competitor to ensure [...]

Todayoldd August 27

Americans lost $8.6 billion to phone fraud in last year, survey suggests

Phone fraud is a highly lucrative crime. Americans lose a staggering amount of money this way, but with millions of victims, it’s hard to tally the losses. A new report provides some estimated numbers. The online survey, conducted by The Harris Poll for Truecaller, found that 17.6 million Americans lost an estimated $8.6 billion to [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch August 21

Game Developer Gumi, A Sega And Line Partner, Enters North America With Four New Studios

The North America digital game market is worth $11.8 billion, but it’s proven tough to navigate for high-profile companies like Candy Crush maker King and Zynga. But Japanese gaming company gumi is undeterred. It announced today that it will open four new game studios to make content specifically for the North American market. The gaming [...]

Quartz-Logo August 21

For coders, tests will replace resumes and interviews

Companies mostly guess at the quality of potential hires. They rely on exaggerated resumes, and often unreliable references. Most people aren’t especially good at interviewing, and are prone to bias. Even with exhaustive pre-screening, many interviews end up being a waste of time on both ends. HackerRank, a Bangalore and Palo Alto based start-up, aims to fix that problem for the competitive tech-hiring [...]

vsc_news_tech_crunch August 14

Heads-Up Display Navdy Hits $1M In Pre-Orders During First Week

Navdy, the voice and gesture-controlled heads-up display that wants to keep your eyes on the road, hit $1 million in pre-orders in its first week of the company’s pre-order campaign.Doug Simpson, CEO and founder of Navdy, says the response has been incredible and has surprised the team in a positive way. At one point in the last [...]

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